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May Offers Are Here - Up To 50% Off!
May Offers Are Here! Up To 50% Off

Viridian Organic Omega 3:6:9 Oil 200ml


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Viridian Organic Omega 3-6-9 Oil is a unique combination of hemp, flax, evening primrose oil, avocado and pumpkin seed oils.

Organic plant seed oils provide a 'toxin free' source of important EFAs which are ideally suited to those looking for suitable alternatives to fish oils.


Organic golden flaxseed oil, Organic hemp seed oil, Organic avocado oil, Organic evening primrose oil, Organic pumpkin seed oil, Alpha linolenic acid (Omega 3), Linoleic acid (Omega 6), Gamma linolenic acid (Omega 6), Oleic acid (Omega 9).