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June Offers Are Here - Up To 50% Off!
June Offers Are Here! Up To 50% Off

Zenflore 3 For 2! Save €35.95!


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Zenflore supports your mind and body during busy and demanding times. With its unique 1714-Serenitas® culture and specially selected B vitamins, Zenflore reduces fatigue and aids mental performance*.

The 1714-Serenitas® culture is a naturally occuring bifidobacterium, part of the family of bacteria given by mother to baby at birth2. However, not all bifidobacterium are equal and research is increasingly showing that the effects of bacteria are strain specific.There are thousands of different bifidobacterium strains each with their own unique properties . In a similar way, house cats and tigers are part of the cat family but with very different properties. When choosing a strain it is important to choose one whose properties are understood, that has been clinically studied and is supported by scientific evidence.

The 1714-Serenitas® culture in Zenflore was discovered and developed by PrecisionBiotics®, in partnership with scientists and clinicians from one of the world’s leading centres of research on the human gut and microbiome, the APC Microbiome Institute at University College Cork, Ireland.