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Picture of Solgar Pycnogenol® 30 mg Vegetable Capsules (30)

Solgar Pycnogenol® 30 mg Vegetable Capsules (30)

Additional Information Each vegetable capsule provides: French Maritime Pine Bark Powdered Extract (Pycnogenol)30mg Pine bark extract is a rich source of phenolic components including oligomeric proanthocyanidins, monomeric polyphenols (catechins, epicatechin) and organic acids (cinnamic, capric, gallic, ferulic, vanillic, parahydroxybenzoic acids). Ingredients Studies have shown it to be a powerful antioxidant and acts as a natural anti-inflammatory. Other research suggests it may play a role in slowing the ageing process.
Picture of Solgar Quercetin Complex 50 caps

Solgar Quercetin Complex 50 caps

With Vitamin C (as Ester C), Bromelain, Rutin and more

Taking Quercetin may bring some relief to inflammatory conditions such as

  • Arthritis and Sports Injuries.

Histamine is a chemical that is responsible for inflammation and many of the symptoms experienced in allergic reactions. Quercetin inhibits histamine release and may be beneficial for those with:

  • Hay Fever
  • Food Allergies
  • Dermatitis and
  • Other Allergic Conditions.

Quercetin has significant antioxidant properties. It is mostly recognised for its ability to:

  • Reduce Inflammation, Relieve Pain and Alleviate Symptoms of Allergies.

Quercetin has been shown to have several other health benefits including:

  • Antiviral Properties
  • Regulate Blood Sugar Levels
  • Strenghten Blood Capiliaries, which can in turn help to
  • Minimise Bruising