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    Picture of Rio Amazon Catuaba Capsules

    Rio Amazon Catuaba Capsules

    Additional Information:

    Catuaba is still one of South America’s most famous herbs, and is used as a tonic by couples, and as a treatment for male sexual problems. It is also frequently used for the treatment of nervous disorders.


    Powdered Catuaba (aminopaegma Mirandum) bark. Capsule shell: vegetable cellulose.

    Picture of Rio Amazon Maca 60 Capsules

    Rio Amazon Maca 60 Capsules

    Additional Information:

    In traditional Andean culture, Maca has been used to combat fatigue and improve stamina, as well as for improving male sexual health, and treating hormonal disorders. Maca can also greatly improve mood and combat fatigue in both men and women - hence its nickname of ‘Peruvian ginseng’ is not undeserved.


    The maximum recommended daily dosage (20 capsules) contains: 10g Maca Root (powder).