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Our Stores Are Open! Shop Safely In-Store Or Online

Parasol 10+ Extreme Durability Sun Care


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Parasol 10+ is specially formulated for skin that tans easily, providing 10 times more natural protection against UVB rays. It helps protect against long-term skin damage and UVA-induced allergies.

Thanks to its extreme durability to water and perspiration, it is ideal for use when swimming.

An Active Anti-Ageing System including herbal extracts may help reinforce the skins natural UV rays defences against fine lines and wrinkles and neutralises cell damaging free radicals.

Parasol is enriched with moisturisers to help prevent peeling and to leave your skin silky smooth.  And because it doesn't leave a sticky residue it is ideal for sandy beaches.

Suitable for low exposure to the sun or the last last few days of sunbathing when the skin is tanned and for swimming.

One application a day.

Perfume free

Not recommended for children, fair complexions or long-term sun exposure.