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    Picture of Koko Coconut Milk 1l

    Koko Coconut Milk 1l

    Light and Fresh Tasting Alternative to Milk Dairy and Soya Free Added Calcium and Vitamins D2 & B12

    Picture of Oatly Cream

    Oatly Cream

    Oatly took one of their best products and remade it entirely from organic ingredients. It’s perfect for any type of cooking you’d like to do, and contains quality fat which means that it is rich in unsaturated fat*, and in case you don’t know your fat, that means that it is the good fat instead of the bad fat. (You don’t want the bad fat.)
    Picture of Oatly Organic

    Oatly Organic

    This product is as good as it gets. Water, organic oats and a little bit of sea salt for flavor. That’s it. Then this product is packaged in a process that allows it to be stored without refrigeration. That means you can take it to the summer cottage and store it in the hall and then pop it into the fridge to chill before using. If you are familiar with our other products we recommend that you try this one. It has the potential to win some shelf space in your home.

    Picture of Rude Health Hazelnut Milk 1l

    Rude Health Hazelnut Milk 1l

    The rich, sweet flavour comes from roasted Italian tondo gentile hazelnuts, the best in the world. Its silky texture comes from a little rice that we blend into the mountain spring water. It’s as close as you can get to perfect hazelnuts in liquid form. Contains Nuts

    Picture of Koyu Matcha Latte Green Tea 150g

    Koyu Matcha Latte Green Tea 150g

    For those who have become hooked on their matcha lattes in their local café, this is our most delicious and easy matcha option. Mix with hot water and hot or cold milk for instant matcha lattes. The taste is sweet, mild and delicious No whisks or foamers needed for preparation. Also suitable for smoothies. 150g Approx 30 servings
    Picture of Puro Organic Coconut MIlk 400g

    Puro Organic Coconut MIlk 400g

    A creamy texture and light natural sweetness, the liquid is found naturally inside the coconut and when blended with the coconut meat and strained produces the milk. A great dairy free alternative that is organic and suitable for vegans. Organic Coconut Milk ingredients: Coconut Extract (28%), Water, Stabilizer: Guar Gum.

    Picture of Thai Gold Organic Thai Coconut Milk 400g

    Thai Gold Organic Thai Coconut Milk 400g

    The simple fact about coconut milk is that quality tastes better. No matter if you are cooking Thai curries or making desserts, good quality cocnut milk gleams through. The texture, creaminess and flavour of our virgin pressed Thai Gold Organic Coconut Milk is unmatched, because we want you to make great tasting food.
    Picture of Nanny Care Growing Up Milk 900g

    Nanny Care Growing Up Milk 900g

    Nanny Care Goat Milk Stage 3 Growing Up Milk 900gm is suitable for infants ages 12 months +. It contains essential vitamins such as Calcium and Vitamin D for development and growth of children’s bones and Iron to aid in normal cognitive development in children. This milk can be used as a part of a normal, varied and healthy diet.