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    Love Raw Vegan Chocolate Bars - Mixed Box Of 12

    Brand: Love Raw
    i h


    Gluten Free

    Refined Sugar Free

    No Palm Oil

    2x Cream Wafer Bars

    2x Butter Cup Cookie Dough

    2x Butter Cup Salted Caramel

    2x Butter Cup Hazelnut

    2x Butter Cup Peanut Butter 

    2x Mylk Chocolate Bar 

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    Better You DLUX Vitamin D Spray 3000IU 15ml

    100 daily doses per bottle

    Vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins we can supplement due to the fact that it is virtually impossible to eat your way out of deficiency. The vast majority of the vitamin D our bodies require is produced by our skins unprotected exposure to the sun.

    • Maintains normal bones and teeth.
    • Supports a normal immune system.
    • Tooth-kind formulation.
    • Aids normal muscle function.

    Vitamin D's role in the body

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