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Picture of Viridian Fertility for Women 60 capsules

Viridian Fertility for Women 60 capsules

This formulation is specifically designed to provide the essential and appropriate nutrients to support a woman of reproductive age. The nutrients within this formula provide antioxidant support, help stabilise glycaemic control, and help promote appropriate cellular function to encourage female fertility. Ideally, take at least 90 days ahead of the planned conception.

VIRIDIAN PURITY: 100% Active ingredients. This vegan product is free from gluten, wheat, lactose, added sugar, salt, yeast, preservatives or artificial colourings. Non-irradiated. Against animal testing

Picture of Viridian Woman 40+ Multi 60 vegetarian caps

Viridian Woman 40+ Multi 60 vegetarian caps

More than just a multivitamin, Woman 40+ Veg Caps is a multivitamin, mineral and phytonutrient combination that blends specially formulated nutrients balancing the needs of women aged over 40.

Featuring Pomegranate extract, Resveratrol from Red Grape Skin extract, Green Coffee Bean extract, balanced B-complex, chelated minerals, gentle forms of iron and vitamin C, important trace minerals and carefully selected botanicals providing appropriate phytonutrients for this age group.

B complex vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 & B12) contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, to normal psychological function and mental performance, energy-yielding metabolism, the regulation of hormonal activity, the functioning of the immune, cardio and nervous systems and the maintenance of normal skin, mucous membranes, vision and red blood cells. B complex vitamins also contribute to the protection of cells from oxidative stress. This 'oxidative stress' appears to be a major factor in many human diseases.

Take daily alongside Woman 40+ Omega Oil from Viridian Nutrition.

Picture of Viridian Cranberry Mannose pH Powder

Viridian Cranberry Mannose pH Powder

Viridian's Cranberry Mannose powder is an alkalizing powder blend of potassium citrate, mannose, high-potency cranberry extract and vitamin C to be mixed into a pleasant tasting drink. Can help provide acute relief and prevention of UTI’s (Urinary Tract Infection), including recurring infections and interstitial cystitis.

As a food supplement mix one teaspoon into water or juice and take with food or as recommended by your healthcare professional.

One teaspoon provides:

Potassium (as citrate)                                    500mg
D-mannose                                                 1000mg
Cranberry complex                                       810mg
as NutriCran TM cranberry fruit powder         750mg
as CystiCran TM cranberry fruit extract           60mg
(providing 18mg proanthocyanidins)
Vitamin C (as magnesium ascorbate)               250mg

Picture of Natracare Curved Panty Liners 30s

Natracare Curved Panty Liners 30s

With Natracare panty liners, you only have certified organic 100% cotton next to your delicate skin. Natural, plant-based materials are breathable and soft to keep you comfortable and dry for everyday protection.

Like all Natracare products, the liners are free from plastics, perfumes and chlorine, helping you to avoid synthetic materials and skin irritants which are present in so many other feminine hygiene products.

Picture of Natracare Tampons 16 Super

Natracare Tampons 16 Super

By using only 100% organic cotton and nothing else, you know exactly what you are putting into your body.
With applicator:
  • Only 100% organic cotton, and nothing else
  • Totally chlorine free
  • No rayon, plastics or dyes
  • Biodegradable & compostable
  • Smooth, easy glide cardboard applicator
  • Expands lengthways
Picture of Natracare Tampons 16 Regular

Natracare Tampons 16 Regular

without applicator
  • Only 100% organic cotton, and nothing else
  • Totally chlorine free
  • No rayon, plastics or dyes
  • Biodegradable & compostable
  • Expands widthways

The Natracare tampon without applicator is made from a rolled wadding of 100% organic cotton. As the cotton gently absorbs the menstrual flow, the tampon expands widthways. Unlike the applicator style, this tampon is inserted using your longest finger which tucks into the flared end of the tampon to enable the tampon to be pushed into place. Deciding between an applicator and non-applicator tampon is generally a matter of personal preference.

Picture of Natracare Super Ultra Pad with Wings 12s

Natracare Super Ultra Pad with Wings 12s

Natracare Slimline Ultra Pads are discreet, comfortable and reliable. They have wings to help them fit securely, and are individually wrapped in biodegradable purse packs for convenience.
  • Soft certified organic cotton cover
  • Absorbent cellulose core to keep you dry
  • Waterproof plant-based back
  • No plastic
  • No perfumes or dyes
  • Totally chlorine free
  • Biodegradable & compostable

Pad: Certified organic cotton, ecologically-certified cellulose pulp, corn starch, non-toxic glue.
Wrapper: Compostable cellulose, compostable starch film.

Picture of Cleanmarine Krill Oil for Women

Cleanmarine Krill Oil for Women

60 capsules

  • Regulates hormonal activity
  • Reduces tiredness and fatigue
  • Maintains normal, healthy skin
  • Doesn't repeat like fish oils
Picture of Krill Menomin for Women 60 caps

Krill Menomin for Women 60 caps

Take control and manage your menopausal symptoms with Cleanmarine MenoMin rather than let your symptoms manage you.

Krill Oil blended with B Vitamins, Folate, Biotin and Soy Isoflavones

Scientifically proven to manage meopausal symptoms, think of Cleanmarine MenoMin as your all in one perimenopause and beyond multivitamin.
This synergistic blend contains Omega 3 from Krill Oil alongside B-vitamins, Folate, Biotin, Soy Isoflavones and Vitamin D3.

Take two capsules daily to:
  • Regulate hormonal activity
  • Maintain mucous membranes
  • Reduce tiredness and fatigue
Picture of NHP Meno Herbal Support 60 Vegetarian Caps

NHP Meno Herbal Support 60 Vegetarian Caps

A special organic food supplement for women during the menopause Formulated by Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD - the UK's leading nutritionist specializing in women's health - in association with the Natural Health Practice.

This supplement contains good organic sources of phytoestrogens including organic soya, red clover, hops, sage, dandelion, alfalfa and flaxseeds. 

The organic soya is fermented to make it easier for the body to use and it is in this form that it is traditionally eaten. Dandelion helps support the liver during this stage in your life.