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    Cysticlean 30 capsules

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    For the Prevention and Treatment of Cystitis

    240mg PAC

    Cysticlean has been scientifically proven to help reduce the recurrence breaking the cycle and dependence on antibiotics for recurrent cystitis.

    Cysticlean ® 240mg PAC is a vegetarian capsule containing
    natural concentrated American cranberry extract ,equivalent to 240mg of proanthocyanidins(PAC)

    Sophisticated testing procedures guarantees the most potent PAC from American Cranberries

    Cranberries have been long reputed for their benefits on the health of the urinary tract but most cranberry products cannot offer the guaranteed level of PAC required for a beneficial real effect on cystitis and urinary tract infections.

    The essential ingredient in cranberry extract is the PAC. The level and potency of the PAC determines effectiveness-not the mg of cranberry extract.
    Contains 30 capsules- for 15 days treatment or 30 days preventative treatment.

    Sugar free, vegan.

    Suitable for diabetics, pregnant women and children over 12.

    May be taken with antibiotics.
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    It is the core ingredient in chocolate and when consumed in its raw unprocessed state it is extremely rich in nutrients and health benefits.
    Cacao nibs are simply the whole cacao beans that have been broken down into smaller pieces, making them easier to chew and enjoy.
    They smell like a giant mug of super-rich hot chocolate, but their taste is more bitter.

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    Nutritional Benefits
    • High in Fibre
    • Source of Iron
    • Low in Sugar
    Hints for Use:
    Sprinkle...over cereals or granola
    Trail mix...with goji berries, nuts and hemp seeds
    Blend...into smoothies, shakes and juices

    Recommended Usage: 5-20 grams.
    As with all natural foods it is best to start small and work up to the recommended daily dosage.

    Allergens: May contain traces of nuts.

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